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Monday, June 22, 2015

Belgian Malinois Facts Before the Movie "Max"

Why do some people want to give the Belgian Malinois a bad reputation? Why do they say these dogs are not good pets and are destructive? Why do they make claims about them being biters? You are about to learn why in today's post.
When someone casts a broad net to insinuate that everything of one species or breed is the same they clearly have no clue what they are talking about. To say that every Belgian Malinois is bad is to say that every person of a specific race is bad because one of them did something bad. It makes no sense at all. When someone tells me their Malinois was just as they had heard and was pure trouble thus ending in them getting rid of him I see one thing. A person who didn't understand their dog and never took time to give him the benefit of the doubt.
When you go into something with a negantive attitude you'll end up with poor results. Dogs of any breed must be trained with respect that goes both ways. If an 8 week old puppy tears up your pillow my question is how did get the pillow in the first place? But the owner with no understanding of dogs and no desire to learn simply blames it on the dog. Puppies are puppies and they like to play and test things with their mouth. What they are allowed to test is up to you as the owner. If your Belgian Malinois puppy chews up something he should not have blame yourself not the dog.
On a regular basis I hear the same old line about how this breed has so much energy you can't work them enough. That is more ranting from people who clearly don't know the breed. Sure, this breed is high in energy and likes to work and play. You should know that going in and if you didn't do your research don't blame the dog blame yourself again. It's odd to me that so many of our clients as well as myself keep a Malinois in the house with no issues. How is that? It is because the dog is trained to behave inside and to quieten down when told. If your dog won't listen, won't sit down, won't stay etc. It is because you have failed to provide proper training for him. How is this is the breed's fault?
Some of these ego filled trainers make big statements such as "this dog is not a pet" and people agree with them. I think many want you to think that a normal person just can't deal with these dogs but they can because they are "master trainers." I have a kennel full and one in the house and all are great pets. They don't bite anyone unless they need to. They love to be petted, hugged and played with like any dog. Most want to get on your lap if they can because inside they think they are tiny toy dogs. There is no dog capable of giving more love than a Belgian Malinois period. 
The Belgian Malinois is a bad biter? Really? When I look at the National statistics on dog bites I don't see them anywhere. I see the Husky at number 3 for dogs who inflict bites on people yet nobody says don't get a Husky. German Shepherds are number 6 on the list of biters but number 2 in popularity of breeds. Almost everyone has owned a German Shepherd or knows someone who does / has. People are still buying the breed and nobody is telling them not to. Has a Malinois ever bitten somebody when it should not have? Of course, but so has a Poodle! The Malinois can't be classified as a biter by any means.
No matter which dog you start with it needs training. There's obedience and pack structure just to start. Regular exercise and spending time with the dog are not optional with any breed. If you don't want to do those things you don't need a dog or any kind. If you like to sit on the couch and do nothing you need a goldfish. If you want something furry that doesn't care about what you think get a cat. A Belgian Malinois is a dog that bonds with you and becomes the best friend you'll ever have. The people who say otherwise are the ones who don't know much about these dogs.

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